Service Description

The ToadNinjas are highly skilled party motivators, who specialize in bringing energy and excitement to your dance party. They can show off and get your crowd excited, then slide out of the way and let your guests steal the show.

Helpful Information

Regardless of the theme of your event, whether formal or casual, when the dancefloor opens, the ToadNinjas are a perfect fit. Gathering your crowd and teaching the latest line dances, starting a dance battle, interacting with fringe groups and subtly including them in the party.

When to Use It

Any dance party is made better with the ToadNinjas. Bring them out when dancing starts, or wait till your half way through the night to take your party to the next level.


ToadNinja $250 each*

*Two or three Ninjas can be helpful for larger crowds

Pairs well with...


January 18, 2020

Wyatt & John & Ryan rocked this retro themed holiday party for Groupon.

Here is the play list:

name                                                                                 start time                  end time                     bpm     playtime     artist...

October 19, 2019

Wyatt was there to celebrate with Molly & her friends & family on this important day, and everyone had a great time!

April 13, 2019

DJ Toad himself provided the soundtrack and atmosphere for the Norris family as they celebrated this Mitzvah, held at the Cincinnati Marriott NorthEast.  Games were played, photos with a green screen background were captured, and our very own Toad Ninjas helped everyon...

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