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Transform any Space

Lighting is a major contributor to the visual impact of a space 

Proper lighting should create focal points that enhance your space and make a lasting impression on your guests. A combination of different lighting elements can work together to create a unified and cohesive experience.


$250/10 Lights

(20 lights seem to cover most standard event spaces)

Uplighting is one of the most cost effective ways to make a space visually exciting. Introducing color creates a sense of purpose and sets the tone for your event.



$250 - 6 Lights

PinSpots highlight specific elements in the room, setting them apart and creating a stunning sense of depth.



(Its really best to let us help, we'll get you a quote of how many lights you need to bring your idea to life)

Gobos and Projection Mapping can turn any surface into a canvas by projecting breakup patterns, colors, and images to create focal points

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