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Teen Events

We bring the largest most engaging teen focused shows in the midwest

We Had An Idea...

Student expectations are high and not easily met. Through social media, teens are exposed to the bigger and higher quality productions of music festivals and touring acts.


The same repeated school dance model doesn't work like it used to.

This caused us to raise some questions that we believe would fundamentally change your school events. What if students were involved earlier in our planning process, if we thought outside of the box, partnered with students, and brought a show worthy of their expectations. 

We intend to build on these ideas, and more, to bring in the next era of teen events through an unforgettable, safe and high-energy experience.



Fresh Energetic DJs

Themed/School Spirit Visuals

Interactive Emcees

Creative Lighting Design

Concert Style Performance

Student Involvement

How It Works




Set up a meeting with us and your student council early in the school year

At that meeting we will work to find out what gets your school excited

Finally, we'll build a custom package that is a good fit for your students and budget

We Can't Wait To Work With You!

Wyatt Wukie

Teen Events Manager

419-307-9002 (Cell)

John Myambi

John Myambi

Creative Director

513-429-1989 (Cell)

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