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Staging & Décor can customize and shape your event space into a unique atmosphere for your guests.  As large visual components, these become the backbone of your event decor and can be customized to fit any aesthetic - from formal to festive and anywhere in between.

Helpful Information

Staging creates focal points and allows guests a clear line of sight while pipe and drape creates a backdrop with endless design options. The room dimensions and layout, flow of the guests, visual balance, event staff needs, and building codes are all factors to take into consideration for the best staging and decor solution for your event.

When to Use It

  • Modular Staging offers solutions for runways, large tiered displays, traditional stages, and more.  Staging can accommodate any event space and need with custom options available.

  • Pipe & Drape can create a backdrop, section off your space, or edit out existing elements of the event room.  Black and white options combined with color washes and lighting patterns can be customized to your decor and event type.


Staging $50-$250​*

Pipe & Drape $10 per foot

  • Available in white and black, up to 12' tall

  • Additional colors and sizes available by quote


January 18, 2020

Wyatt & John & Ryan rocked this retro themed holiday party for Groupon.

Here is the play list:

name                                                                                 start time                  end time                     bpm     playtime     artist...

April 27, 2017

Surprise retirement party for Chuck, so they did a Dean Martin style roast. Provided staging, audio production, and a mix of background music.

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