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Using VideoDisplays at your event is an engaging form of communication with your guests that can amplify the tone and purpose of your event.  This can range from providing backstories at weddings and non-profit fundraisers, to interactive party games, or streaming music videos for dancing.

Helpful Information

Partner with our event staff to maximize the value and impact of video displays at your event.  This can involve digital display placement, determining the best display for your specific event, and ideas for utilizing it throughout your event (i.e. slideshows, digital signage, interactive crowd activities, streaming services, etc.).

Potential applications for video displays are game day parties, movie screenings, slideshows, social media feeds, live event coverage, overflow conference rooms, interactive crowd activities music videos, and much more.

When to Use It

  • Flatscreens are a popular choice for entertainment and slideshows at small to mid-sized events, and as digital signage or stand alone kiosks for any event size.

  • Videowalls make a big visual impact on a space, standing between eight and ten feet tall.  These are ideal for larger events or larger spaces or for when you want the imagery to be the main focus in a small space (such as a game-day party).

  • Projectors are the favorite of corporate clients for presentations. Projectors provide a large image with great detail, and are an excellent choice for text based content.

*Call us to discuss our digital and creative services, such as slide show creation, digital signage, branded content, media conversion (from analog formats to digital files), etc.


Flatscreen $250​

Videowall $750

Projector $200-$1200*

*Prices vary by event space and coverage needs

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