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Visually Engage

Service Description

We can create mix and playback a variety of Media on our screens.  Potential Uses:

  • Monogram or Logo

  • Pre-Made Slideshows/ Montages / Videos

  • Interactive Text to Screen (Guests text us pictures that we filter for content.

  • Music Videos

  • Photobooth Pictures to Screen Live

Helpful Information

Partner with our event staff to maximize the value and impact of video displays at your event.  This can involve digital display placement, determining the best display for your specific event, and ideas for utilizing it throughout your event (i.e. slideshows, digital signage, interactive crowd activities, streaming services, etc.).

*Call us to discuss our digital and creative services, such as slide show creation, digital signage, branded content, media conversion (from analog formats to digital files), etc.


Video DJ Booth $250​

60" Flatscreen $250​

75" Flatscreen $500

Projector & Screen $500

Event Log


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