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Lighting is a major contributor to the overall visual impact of a space. Proper lighting can be the difference between average and extraordinary. 

Helpful Information

Good lighting should create focal points that enhance your space and make a lasting impression on your guests. A combination of different lighting elements can work together to create a unified and cohesive experience.

When to Use It

  • Uplighting is one of the most cost effective ways to make a bland space visually exciting. Introducing color creates a sense of purpose and sets the tone for your space.

  • PinSpots highlight specific pieces in the room, setting them apart and creating a sense of depth. This can make center pieces really pop against the rest of the room, or can be used to draw attention to seating charts, signage and other design pieces.

  • Texture Washes and Projection Mapping can turn any surface into a canvas by projecting breakup patterns, colors, and images to create focal points on walls, floors or other architectural features.

  • Dance lighting creates energy and excitement around the dance floor by combining the audio and visual senses into one cohesive experience. This can range from simple sound activated fixtures to a fully programmed dance-club lighting rig.


Uplighting $40 / Light

PinSpots $40 / Light

Projections $200 / Light*

Dance Lighting $200 / Light


February 29, 2020

What's the best thing to do with your extra day in a leap year?   GET MARRIED!

February 8, 2020

Taylor's Bat Mitzvah was a seriously great celebration!


February 4, 2020

Quite an impressive set up, no?

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