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Whitney & Patrick

This is a hot one! No, not because the heat index was 110 that day (thankfully we were indoors!), but because the party was just THAT GOOD. The evening started off with an absolutely gorgeous ceremony at the Transept, including a one-of-a-kind altar that the groom made from scratch, and dubbed their 'Portal of Love'. After the ceremony, the guests moved downstairs for a cocktail hour while the room was flipped. We lit the whole room and set up 3 video displays on the stage, all while managing to incorporate Patrick's Portal....when presented with something that unique, you simply have to include it! Upon the guest's arrival back upstairs, dinner commenced, followed with toasts and formal dances, and from there the celebration only got better. Everyone danced to the last, led of course by the stunning Bride and Groom. #WeberForWife

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