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Guests can choose what they look at, where they are in the event space, or what they eat but sound is continually and passively part of their experience. Your message, ceremony, announcement, or music will be experienced by each and every one of your guests through sound.

Helpful Information

Sound is often overlooked in planning, and is one of the most experienced elements for your guests.  Proper sound equipment and placement is hardly noticed and is just part of a great event experience - but improper equipment, a lack of sound, or a muddled feed can quickly create frustration and confusion for the guests and become their main focus.

When to use it

Partner with our event leads to determine the appropriate sound systems and placement for your event space to ensure your guests have a great experience.  Our event leads will build a custom sound system based on your event space, content (announcements, music, messages, etc.) and crowd size, and provide tips to direct the guest’s attention to your message so every word is heard.


Sound Systems $100-$1200*​

Microphones $50-$250*

*Prices vary by event space and coverage needs


January 18, 2020

Wyatt & John & Ryan rocked this retro themed holiday party for Groupon.

Here is the play list:

name                                                                                 start time                  end time                     bpm     playtime     artist...

April 27, 2017

Surprise retirement party for Chuck, so they did a Dean Martin style roast. Provided staging, audio production, and a mix of background music.

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